Meet Mrs. Hawaii

Mrs. Hawaii 2018  Heidi Uluwehi Fowler

* * *
Heidi Fowler is a woman who imparts love, leadership and encouragement to all those she connects with. As a wife to her best friend Thane Keahi, mom of six, glam-ma and a business owner; Faith is the center. Balance and embracing a great support system are vital elements to her success. An entrepreneur, Heidi is the owner of Breathe Hawaii; a Makeup, Hair & Wedding Services Company. Celebrating the past 5 years as the Couples choice award locally and nationally.
* * *

With a passion to empower women her mission is to allow every generation to embrace their unfading beauty that radiates from within; inspiring them to live out their true purpose. Her Community Service includes volunteering services and motivational speaking to various charities, non-profit organizations and within the DOE.

In her spare time, she loves to cook, watch a movie, perform ASL dancing and perpetuating the Hawaiian culture. Having the honor to be Mrs. Hawaii America 2018 allows her with numerous opportunities to fill the need of positive and proactive women role models in our communities. One of her primary goals is to Empower Family Wellness through Aloha-Love.